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11 LSU Health Shreveport Health Science Librarians are members of the South Centeral Chapter of the Medical Library Association. This organization allows medical librarians from Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and New Mexico to connect and learn from one another. To learn more, see the organization’s website:

The History Corner

Mayo Drake's Legacy

Mr. Drake was a respected and integral member of not only the founding faculty of the School of Medicine in Shreveport, but also the medical library profession.

To read more about this issue's history feature, check out the November, 2016 – Issue 31 section of The History Corner page

Meet Your Library Liaison


Montie’ Dobbins, Head of User Access Services & New SCC/MLA President-elect!

Montie’ Dobbins holding the SCC/MLA mascot at the annual conference

Take a moment to get to know Montie’ and learn what it means to be South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association’s President-elect…

Q: What is your role here at the Library?

I’m Head of Access Services. This means I supervise the wonderful folks at the Circulation desk and in Interlibrary Loan.

Q: You are president-elect of SCC/MLA can you tell us a little bit about the organization?

The South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association is comprised of individuals and institutions serving in health sciences libraries. It binds together people from five states, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas, into one organization where we can come together to discuss our profession, share valuable information, and support one another in a rapidly changing information world. We learn a lot from one another and have a lot of fun networking.

Q:What will be your responsibilities as president-elect?

As president-elect, I’m learning a lot from our current Chapter president. I will appoint next year’s committee chairs and members, so I’m glad I know a lot of our membership. I will also work with the librarians in San Antonio to help prepare for the SCC/MLA 2018 Annual Meeting there. Most importantly, it’s my job to listen to the membership and use my position on the Executive Board to represent their interests and be a voice for librarians as our field continues to change along with the information infrastructure.

Q: What other positions have you held in the organization

The very first thing I ever did with SCC/MLA, even before I was a member, was serve on the Local Arrangements Committee when we hosted here in Shreveport in 2003. I served on several committees, including the Program and Communications committees and chaired our very active Fund Raising Committee for two years. I also served as the Chapter Council Representative Alternate, which was a very exciting position and opened up exciting leadership opportunities for me on the national level within the Medical Library Association.

Q: What is one unique thing about the library profession that you think everyone should know?

Finding not just any information, but the best information, is what we love to do in this fast-changing world. Ask us for help – helping others is our passion. Believe it or not, we know a lot about a lot. And no…we don’t have time to read books all day.